Celebrating Earth Day 2020

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, at Thomas Royall we have created our very own Earth Day luxury collection. We wanted to showcase how our designs have been inspired by the natural patterns of our beautiful world and how much we treasure the environment. 

Earth Day is celebrated by around 1 billion people worldwide. It was created to flood the world with messages of hope, optimism and encourage action to protect the environment, raising awareness to issues such as Climate Change and Global Warming. This year, we at Thomas Royall want to show our support and appreciation by creating our Earth Day Fashion Edit, featuring products and styles inspired by nature that we hope will still be around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

 Thomas Royall Swim Shorts

When Thomas Royall was first launched, we wanted to be known for our distinctive prints, and turned to the natural world to inspire our style. From photographic prints of rainforest scenes and beautiful arctic landscapes, to abstract butterfly prints and animal motifs. Our bestselling pieces showcase all things bright and beautiful.

It is important to our CEO, Francesca Ridgewell, that Thomas Royall’s ethos is reflected through our designs – luxury fashion, family, health, and wellbeing – all of which could not be possible without aesthetic influence taken from our natural environment. 

‘When choosing prints for Thomas Royall’s collections I like to push boundaries just that little bit – combining masculine patterns with feminine details. I am inspired by the world around me, whether that be a butterfly in my garden or an exotic animal on safari. Imagery like this is a big part of Thomas Royall’s designs. A photo captures a memory forever, that’s why I like using photographic imagery in Thomas Royall’s swim shorts – it brings them to life.’ – Francesca Ridgewell –

So today we would like to show our appreciation for the Earth – it has inspired our designs and given us beautiful places to visit and enjoy with our families. We should all do our best to protect it.

To find out more about Earth Day go to https://www.earthday.org/.

Shop our Earth Day collection today and show how much the Earth means to you!


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