Match with your kids this Father’s Day!

This Father's Day let us celebrate the bond between dads, sons and daughters everywhere and offer a bit of inspiration for that perfect gift!

Here at Thomas Royall, we are well known for our stylish matching father, son and family looks. The incredible warm weather since April and the approaching heat of summer have literally flown our matching sets off of our shelves, we’ve been sent so many photos of fathers and sons looking chic in the sun. 
Matching sets are the perfect fashion statement on Father’s Day, there’s really no better sight than the look on your child’s face when they realise they’re wearing the same as their dad. But to make a statement and coordinate you don't always have to match. 

Thomas Royall Exotic Butterfly shorts               Thomas Royall Barcelona Luca shorts
Thomas Royall Exotic Butterfly Shorts              Thomas Royall Barcelona Shorts 

Our products at Thomas Royall are known for their boldness, their colour, their prints and their patterns. The combinations we use are designed to bring out block colours and shapes, and across our lines you can spot similarities amongst the differences. 

This means that if you choose carefully, the style of picking out two specific products and pulling them together in coordination can look even more polished than a set designed to match. 

Thomas Royall Spain bobby shorts          Thomas Royall Jet Black shorts
Thomas Royall Spain Shorts                                Thomas Royall Jet Black Shorts

This Father's Day, pick a matching set for your mini me or mix and match between prints, patterns and block colours for a unique look. 
Check out a few style edits for inspiration!