The "Boyfriend" Shirt

Most of us have heard of "Mom" and "Boyfriend" jeans in women's fashion. Thomas Royall are re-branding our beach shirts as not just for men, but the "Boyfriend" Beach Shirt!

Originally created to be the perfect matching top for our men's swim shorts, we have since found hundreds of happy women are stealing their partner's beach shirts to throw over their swimsuits. Made in a bespoke, cool & sweat wicking material it's hard not to fall in love with this shirt's silky feel draped over sticky, sun creamed skin after a sandy day at the beach or pool.

Our size Small shirt (which snuggly fits a men with a chest size of 38") will suit women dress size UK 8-10 for a slightly oversized, casual vacation look. Or if you're really good with your hands, tie it as a headscarf!