Our SS24 Collection Is Live!

The Ideas Behind The Designs:

No great designer goes without inspiration. Our SS24 collection brings infusion pinks, electric reds, botanical greens and refreshing turquoise. This year we focusing on the four elements essential to life - Fire, Water, Earth & Air - and used this as a springboard for our designs.


A Note From Our Director:

I moved to America with my family in Sept. 2021. With my roots now firmly in the ground I felt it only right to pay accolade to the place we now call home, West Coast America, for this year’s shoot. The Huntington Pier in LA is an iconic location for families, surfers, beach goers & sightseers. Our shorts are designed for water and built for adventure, this seemed a perfect location for this year’s campaign shoot.


I hope you love it as much as I do!

Francesca - Director